This page was last modified Sep 5, 2013

Death Cab for Cutie. Not a big fan of their music, but a huge fan of their lyrics. In my opinion no other indie group comes close to the pure poetry these guys create

The Flaming Lips. Highly musical, very creative. Science fiction theme based songs. Somewhat odd but catchy tunes. humorous

The New Pornographers. also highly musical and very creative, in a completely different way. kind of hippy-ish and folksy.

"Standing on the Corner of the Third World" (Tears for Fears) One of the most amazing pop songs ever recorded. superbly arranged. Supposedly these guys were perfectionists and also made full use of the best technology of the time and it certainly comes to fruition, not only in this song but on the album.

Miracle (Jefferson Airplane). What an amazing testament to love in all its aspects